Jared Kushner is so busted

In the three weeks since Special Counsel Robert Mueller cut a plea deal with Michael Flynn, we’ve essentially been watching an invisible dance between Mueller and Jared Kushner. Mueller wouldn’t have given Flynn that kind of deal unless Flynn turned over serious evidence on Kushner, and Kushner knows it. So as he tries to decide whether to cut a plea deal or take his chances, Kushner just got some very bad news tonight.

Whatever Robert Mueller has on Jared Kushner, it turns out it’s far from Kushner’s only problem. It turns out the U.S. Attorney with jurisdiction in New York City is going after Kushner’s overseas banking records, according to the New York Times (link). More specifically, the target is Deutsche Bank. That’s the same bank which has loaned suspicious amounts of money to Donald Trump. It’s also the same bank that was busted in early 2017 for facilitating billions of dollars in Russian money laundering.

Does the U.S. Attorney’s office suspect that Kushner’s loans from Deutsche Bank are a front for the Russian government laundering money to Kushner? Does he suspect that the details of the loan might uncover some other potentially criminal activity? We have no idea what’s being specifically targeted here. But we do know that this investigation into Kushner’s international finances is officially independent of anything that Mueller has going on, and it’ll continue even if Trump does find some way to get rid of Mueller.

This likely also means that New York State is running a parallel investigation into Jared Kushner’s finances. We still don’t know what any of these various investigators are looking to prove by seizing Kushner’s financial records from Deutsche Bank. But it is clear that they’ve tripped over something, or they wouldn’t have been able to get this far with their investigative efforts.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report