Woman sues Donald Trump’s golf course after it secretly records her peeing

We’ve all heard the claim from the infamous Trump-Russia dossier that there’s a blackmail recording out there involving Donald Trump and women urinating. But in an entirely different and much more verifiable scandal, the European arm of Politico has uncovered the story of a woman peeing on Donald Trump’s golf course and being secretly recorded by Trump’s employees in the process – and now she’s suing them over it.

The bizarre story goes like this: Trump International Golf Course Scotland believed that a woman named Rohan Beyts was urinating in its sand bunkers, so it secretly photographed her in the act. Trump’s golf course filed charges against her, which ended up being dropped. But the woman in question turned around and sued the golf course for having secretly photographed her, citing privacy laws. And while the case is ongoing, she just won a major legal ruling which appears to have tilted the case in her favor.

Despite having no direct connection, the story evokes immediate callbacks to the claims in the Trump-Russia dossier assembled by former MI6 agent Christopher Steele. It alleged that Russia had secretly videotaped Donald Trump engaged in sex acts with Russian prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room which involved, among other things, the women peeing on each other (or peeing on Trump; that part was never made clear). That allegation has yet to be proven, but it’s become infamous that even Saturday Night Live has mocked Trump over the “pee pee tape” supposedly in the possession of Vladimir Putin.


It’s not immediately clear whether the woman in Scotland peed on Donald Trump’s golf course because she was trying to make a political statement about Trump’s alleged “pee pee tape” or if she merely had to go. Politico EU has the full story of the woman’s lawsuit against Trump Scotland.

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