Open letter to Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic House

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Dear Nancy Pelosi, I would like to thank you for putting off the antisemitism resolution aimed at Congresswoman Ilan Omar. I was once a conservative writer and a former Trump supporter. We all know conservatives have turned being “pro-Israel” into a partisan issue, as well as weaponizing antisemitism so they can use it to demonize Democrats.

Conservatives also insist that Islam is an ideology of hate. I have learned in my journey that this is not true, and also have accepted the fact that the Israeli government is a government made up by people, and human beings do make mistakes. After relearning everything all over, I see that Islam is a religion of peace, a religion that consists of wonderful exceptional people. In my journey I saw the hypocritical and vile hatred from people of all faiths, Judaism and Christianity. So in a nutshell there is good and bad in all religions. Conservatives need to end Islamophobia, and allow criticism of foreign governments and their lobbies.

What Congresswoman Ilan Omar said about AIPAC was the truth. It is a lobby that influences American politicians with money. Whether you support the Jewish State or not, Israel has its own agenda, just like any other country, and it should not be able to use the anti-Semitic card to get away with anything it wants.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was recently criminally indicted. As an American Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar has every right to ask questions to protect American interests. The fact that she is a Muslim woman did not give anyone the right to attack her for her comments. She continues being targeted with anti-Muslim rhetoric to this day.

Antisemitism should definitely be condemned, but it needs to be actual antisemitism, not criticism of policies of a foreign government. When I was a conservative, I voted in the 2016 presidential election for what I thought was good for Israel because I thought as a Jew; it was our obligation. I can assure you that there are many other right wing Jews who have done the same. I now realize how wrong I was, especially how that affected Jews in America and many other minorities.

Back in the 2018 elections, I made a vow to American Jews, which I now extend to American Muslims, immigrants, LGBT, and anyone who faces bigotry and oppression: I no longer focus or even care about Israel’s agenda or interests, I cut myself off from Israeli politics, and retook the oath I once swore when I enlisted in the United States Army, to uphold the United States Constitution, and defend the American people. Now I feel I am doing that by being part of the Democratic Party who cares for all Americans.

I am glad to hear the resolution aimed at Ilan Omar was put off. I am proud to be a part of the Democratic Party, which does acknowledge that racism of all kinds exists, and knows how to appropriately handle the situation. Thank you Speaker Pelosi.

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