Ben Carson tries to flee Donald Trump’s sinking ship in the most bizarre way possible

Donald Trump is now sinking so badly, the rats are fleeing the sinking ship at an accelerating pace. Trump’s FEMA Director Brock Long is set to resign this Friday. Trump’s FDA Commissioner just announced he’s leaving. Matthew Whitaker just quit the brand new job Trump gave him at the DOJ. Now Ben Carson is in on the action, but true to form, he’s doing it in a way that no one even understands.

Ben Carson now says that he’s resigning as Donald Trump’s HUD Secretary, effective at the end of the current term. That’s right, Carson announced his resignation nearly two years in advance. Why? No one knows, really. Does Carson really think Trump needs twenty-two months advance notice to find a new HUD Secretary who’s equally unqualified for the job? Does Carson think this gets him off the hook for Trump’s crimes?

Ben Carson is a guy who once falsely claimed that he stabbed his friend with a knife, and who once asserted that Joseph from the Bible built the Egyptian Pyramids to store grain. This is not a man whose words or actions make sense. But even Carson, in his own weird and incomprehensible way, seems to be trying to join the rats who are fleeing Trump’s ship.

There’s still one big unanswered question. Back when Donald Trump was first illegitimately named the winner of the election, he publicly and repeatedly insisted that Ben Carson become his HUD Secretary. Carson kept saying “no” for obvious reasons: it would have been far easier for Carson to continue his grifting ways out on the book and lecture circuit if he didn’t have the restraints of holding a cabinet position. But in the end, Carson took the job. Just how did Trump “convince” him to do it? Perhaps Carson will fess up one day about whatever blackmail material Trump must be holding over him.

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