Robert Mueller confirms he’s hammering out a deal with Michael Flynn against Donald Trump

Throughout his time investigating Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has never once spoken directly to the public. However, at various times Mueller’s actions have spoken loudly and clearly, from court filings to arrests. Now Mueller has taken definitive action which confirms that he is indeed negotiating a plea deal with Michael Flynn to testify against Donald Trump.

Last week Flynn signaled that he was seeking a deal when his legal team terminated an information sharing agreement that it had long had in place with Donald Trump’s legal team. Then came word earlier this week that Flynn’s attorneys had met with Mueller’s team. The big news came today, when Mueller brought his grand jury against Flynn to a halt, according to a CNN report (link). Not only does this mean the deal is happening, it means that the deal is already more or less locked into place.

Robert Mueller’s decision to take this step means that he’s already heard enough from Michael Flynn to know that he wants to give Flynn a deal. This almost certainly means that Flynn’s proffer session has begun. As Palmer Report has previously explained (link), once a target participates in a proffer session, in real world terms, there’s no going back, and the deal will happen. So what happens now?

That depends on how quickly Robert Mueller can get what he needs out of Michael Flynn, and how quickly he can act on that information. Mueller may use Flynn’s evidence and testimony to obtain indictments against bigger fish in the Trump-Russia scandal, which could take some time. But make no mistake: Michael Flynn cutting a deal is far better for Mueller and the Resistance than if Flynn had been arrested. This means Mueller gets what he wants from Flynn, and gets to use it to go after the biggest fish – including Donald Trump himself.


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