Robert Mueller’s mole within Donald Trump’s team

It was a tweet went largely overlooked by the mainstream media due to the holiday timing. It was misunderstood by some at the time. It still hasn’t been expanded up on. Yet it was a moment whose implications are still being felt. Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, who sits on one of the committees investigating the Trump-Russia scandal, tweeted a strong hint that Special Counsel Robert Mueller may have a mole within Donald Trump’s ranks.

Here’s what Senator Whitehouse specifically tweeted: “Here’s a happy holiday thought: imagine if someone in GOP anti-Mueller campaign were actually cooperating with Mueller, and gathering evidence of intent to obstruct justice. Just sayin’. I’d love to see those emails!” Some within the Resistance immediately began lecturing Whitehouse for having given away Mueller’s secret. However, this missed the point entirely.

If Mueller does have a mole on Trump’s team, Trump won’t be able to identify that person simply because he knows there’s a mole. Instead he’ll go out of his gourd with paranoia. So will everyone else on Trump’s side. None of them will trust each other, for fear one of them might be the mole, even though there may not even be a mole. That’s the brilliance of Whitehouse’s strategy, of course. There doesn’t have to be a mole. With one tweet, he’s arguably done more damage to Trump’s congressional posse than an actual mole could do.

Congress has been on recess since the tweet in question. We’ll have to wait until it’s back in session before we can observe the actions of those Congressmen in Trump’s posse. How will their behavior toward each other change now that they have to at least consider the possibility that one of them is secretly spying for Robert Mueller? Keep in mind that Sheldon Whitehouse wouldn’t have posted such a tweet without Mueller’s blessing.

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