Donald Trump’s latest idiotic tweet immediately backfires

Last night Donald Trump posted a bizarre tweet in which he claimed that he had nearly wiped out ISIS. He included numbers comparing his ISIS stats against those of President Obama. It turned out his numbers were wildly wrong, and he quickly deleted the tweet, replacing it with new numbers. These new numbers were also misleading. Then hours later, ISIS launched a terrorist attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing dozens of people.

At best, Trump was factually wrong in his tweet; ISIS is clearly still alive and kicking. At worst, for all we know, his tweet may have prompted the attack. While we wait for answers, it’s worth noting that Trump has once again made America look incredibly foolish with his clueless bragging about his own (largely imaginary) list of accomplishments. More specifically, his tweet about ISIS, in which he inaccurately compared himself favorably to President Obama, was almost certainly a jealous response to Obama having beaten him earlier in the day.

Gallup polling had just named President Obama the nation’s most admired man, well ahead of Trump in the standings. This marked the first time in the history of such polling that a first-year U.S. President didn’t win that title. Trump is just that unpopular, and he can’t handle it, and his increasingly unhinged behavior is having consequences.

Donald Trump’s obsessive jealousy of President Obama led him to post an idiotic tweet about terrorism, which caused America to look foolish on the world stage, and may or may not have prompted a deadly terrorist attack. No wonder Trump hasn’t tweeted anything this morning at all; for once it appears he’s finally figured out how to be embarrassed. But it won’t last, and by the end of the day, he’ll be back to saying and doing things that make America and the world less safe.

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