Roger Stone has meltdown after he figures out he’s been caught on Paul Manafort wiretap

Last night it was revealed that the Feds had a secret wiretap on Donald Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort’s phone before and after the election. Even as the public and the media scramble to figure out who may have been caught up on that wiretap, one individual is now confirming that he’s been caught up in it – and he’s not taking the news well.

Former Trump campaign adviser and longtime Trump friend Roger Stone reacted to the news in all caps fashion, which typically signifies a meltdown: “THE FEDS WERE EAVESDROPPING ON MY TELEPHONE CALLS WITH MANAFORT DURING THE INAUGURATION AND TRANSITION.” Stone appeared to be trying to paint himself as a victim, which is absurd considering that the wiretap on Manafort’s phone was signed off on by a federal judge and everything was above board. Instead, Stone may have just made it all that much easier for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to target him in the Trump-Russia investigation.

Thanks to Stone’s admission, Mueller now has confirmation that Manafort and Stone had multiple phone conversations that need to be looked into. His angry defensive response suggests those conversations may have been incriminating. Moreover, Mueller now knows when those calls happened, potentially making it easier to zero in them. With every one of Manafort’s phone calls having been automatically recorded, investigators are sitting on potentially thousands of hours of recordings to sift through. This just made it easier for them to find what they’re looking for. Stone is far from the only Trump team member caught up on the wiretap.

Based on the known timeframe of the Paul Manafort wiretap, it’s a near certainty that Donald Trump himself has been recorded during his phone calls to Manafort before and after the election. In addition, as Palmer Report reported last night, Mike Pence is also known to have spoken regularly with Manafort by phone during the transition.

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