Donald Trump signals how much he’s worried about the New York Attorney General taking him down

One of the biggest advantages for those trying to take down Donald Trump is that he keeps blatantly telegraphing his intentions at every turn. Earlier this month it was revealed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is working with the State of New York to bring parallel state level charges in the Trump-Russia scandal, which can’t be pardoned. This evening, Trump signaled he finally understands how much trouble he’s in when it comes to those state level charges.

Trump has spent years hurling personal insults at New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, calling him a “lightweight” and at one point randomly accusing him of being a cocaine addict. But after all that bluster, Trump invited Schneiderman to join him at a United Nations reception this evening in New York City according to a Politico report (link). We all know what Trump is trying to do here, because we’ve seen him do it before, and we know what it means.

When FBI Director James Comey was in charge of the Trump-Russia investigation, Donald Trump invited him to a private dinner in an attempt at schmoozing him, under the narcissistic and delusional belief that he could charm Comey into going easy on him. When it didn’t work, Trump fired Comey, which resulted in Mueller taking over the investigation. Once it became clear to Trump how screwed he was, he reportedly began sending personal messages to Mueller in an attempt at buttering him up into going soft on him. Now Trump is trying to schmooze Eric Schneiderman.

This means Donald Trump has finally figured out what the rest of us figured out awhile ago: Mueller’s coordination with Schneiderman means two things. First, it means Trump can’t pardon people like Paul Manafort, which greatly increases the odds of them flipping on him. Second, it means that the minute Trump is ousted from office, the State of New York is going to make a very serious effort at putting Trump in prison.

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