Matthew Calamari Jr. is testifying to the New York grand jury – and it’s bad news for Donald Trump

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Now that indicted Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg has declined to cut a plea deal against Donald Trump, we knew that New York prosecutors would make some kind of next move in order to get closer to Trump. Interestingly, that move involves Matthew Calamari – but not in the way anyone might have been expecting.

For several weeks there has been buzz that New York prosecutors would target Trump Organization Matthew Calamari for the benefits he illegally pocketed, in order to flip him against Donald Trump. There has also been buzz that prosecutors could go after Calamari’s son, Matthew Calamari Jr, in order to pressure Calamari to flip.

But now the Wall Street Journal says that Matthew Calamari Jr has been subpoenaed to testify to the grand jury. Here’s why this is notable. Under New York law, anyone who gives (legitimate) testimony to the grand jury is given immunity. So if Calamari Jr shows up and testifies honestly, he can’t then be charged himself.

There’s no way prosecutors would be giving Calamari Jr a free pass like this, unless they have the full expectation that he’s going to help give them a bigger fish. But who is it?

One big clue is that prosecutors are reportedly bringing back Trump Organization Controller Jeffrey McConney to testify again. McConney already testified against Weisselberg months ago. So the fact that McConney is testifying again is a sign that this likely isn’t about bringing additional indictments against Weisselberg, and is instead about bringing indictments against someone new.

So is Matthew Calamari Jr giving up his own dad in order to get off the hook? If so, it would leave Matthew Calamari Sr with little choice but to cooperate as well – and he knows Trump family secrets. Or is Calamari Jr testifying directly against the Trump family? Either way, this is bad news for Donald Trump. It’s proof that the New York criminal case is just getting started, and that a whole lot more indictments are coming down. This is going to result in Trump himself being indicted. There’s no doubt about it at this point.

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