Louisiana anti-gay hate group confirms it’s the recipient of Donald Trump’s “flood relief” donation

Earlier today Daily News Bin reported that Donald Trump’s supposed $100,000 donation for Louisiana flood relief had actually gone to an anti-gay hate group that masquerades as a local church. Even though the Trump campaign itself had acknowledged as much, and CNN reported it, there was still some skepticism from our readers as to whether such a horrifying-sounding story could be true. But it turns out the group is publicly confirming that it was the recipient of the Trump donation.

Trump’s spokesman told CNN that the $100,000 donation had gone to the Greenwell Springs Baptist Church, whose “interim pastor” is Tony Perkins, the head of the notoriously anti-LGBT hate group Family Research Council. Perkins had lost his local Louisiana home in the flooding, and although he’s wealthy enough to rebuild it himself, Trump decided that his only donation should be to the “church” being run by the guy.

Now the “church” in question has confirmed the donation via its official Facebook page: “Donald Trump is sending a financial contribution to the church to aid our efforts.”

While there plenty of legitimate Christian churches out there, Perkins has spent a lifetime getting rich by claiming to be a family-values Christian leader while instead spewing anti-gay hate in the hope of appealing to conservative bigots. Trump’s decision to pour money into his faux-church in Louisiana appears to have been a calculated attempt at shoring up the bigoted conservative vote, which makes up his political base, rather than donating the money to where it was needed.

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