Donald Trump’s advisers leak even more embarrassing details about how he’s falling apart

As Tuesday got underway, it became clear that Donald Trump’s own advisers were making a coordinated effort to make the public aware of just how badly Trump is falling apart. The bizarre move suggested that even they’ve realized he’s finished, and they’re looking to help get it over with. But now Trump’s advisers are throwing yet another can of gasoline onto the fire they’ve started, by painting him as being completely out of control.

“He threw a fit,” Trump’s advisers are now saying about him in reference to the Iran nuclear disarmament deal. He was “livid.” He was “furious.” Why? Because he didn’t want to have to allow a deal with President Obama’s name on it to remain intact, and because he didn’t really understand it anyway. This is Trump’s own advisers saying these things about him, in the Washington Post (link). This is not how people talk about their boss in public, unless they’ve reached the point where they feel like the public has an overwhelming right to know, or they’re so worn down by it that they simply can’t stay quiet anymore.

This comes after earlier reports from other major news outlets quoted unnamed Trump advisers as saying that they think he’s “lost a step” in terms of mental capacity. They let slip that Trump once said “I hate everyone” in the White House, which has the potential to become his defining failure quote. They even let slip that they think the 25th Amendment is going to be used against him – then, as if to rub it in, they also revealed that when they told Trump the 25th Amendment might be invoked, Trump responded by saying he had no idea what it even was.

Make no mistake: this is how you get your boss fired. It’s difficult to believe Donald Trump’s advisers and underlings are doing this to him out of malice. Perhaps they’re trying to protect him from the upcoming worst of it by helping to hasten his exit.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report