Donald Trump’s bizarre and suicidal new endgame for dealing with Robert Mueller

Last week it began leaking out that Donald Trump had settled on a desperate, bizarre, and delusional strategy for dealing with Special Counsel Robert Mueller: give him everything he wants so the probe will reach its end more quickly. It became clear that Trump has somehow convinced himself that Mueller is going to exonerate him anyway, and he wants it to happen as soon as possible. Now we’re learning that Trump is even more recklessly delusional about Mueller than we thought.

Trump is now strongly considering the idea of volunteering to testify for Mueller, according to a new Politico report (link). This would be an extraordinarily risky move even if Trump were innocent and mentally sharp – and we all know that he’s neither. If he inadvertently gives away key details, it exponentially increases the odds that Mueller can figure out how to nail him and his underlings. If Trump slips up and tells one demonstrable lie to Mueller, that’s a prosecutable crime in and of itself. And as we’ve all seen lately, Trump has essentially gone incoherently senile to the point of hallucination.

Yesterday, one of Trump’s own advisers admitted to Vanity Fair that Trump has “lost a step” mentally and that his staff is now trying to block him from doing interviews with non-sympathetic news outlets. Then last night, Trump gave an interview to Fox News host Sean Hannity, one of his closest allies, and it became clear that even Trump’s few friends in the media can’t prop him up anymore. Trump was bragging that the rising stock market has somehow reduced the national debt. He used to know better. Now he’s so far gone mentally, he seems to truly believe that kind of gibberish.

If Donald Trump really does voluntarily testify for Robert Mueller, his presidency could effectively be over by the time the interview is over. This could now be the straightest line to his demise. Keep in mind that Trump is surrounded by attorneys who are more interested in telling him what he wants to hear than in getting him out of trouble. There appears to be nothing left to prevent Trump from committing political suicide by testifying for Mueller.

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