Confirmed: Vladimir Putin secretly floated huge money to Jared Kushner

Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has long insisted that he’d never taken any Russian money. Now we know that Jared Kushner has long been lying about it. New leaks reveal a pair of major investments into Kushner’s companies which can be traced back to the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin. Suddenly, Kushner now comes off as being every bit as much of a Russian financial puppet as Trump himself – and the Kushner bombshells are still landing as we speak.

First there was the Paradise Papers leak revealing that a Kremlin-linked billionaire invested more than $800,000 in Kushner’s startup company in 2014, according to a Daily Beast report (link. Then came word that another Kremlin-linked billionaire had sunk huge money into Kushner’s real estate business, according to a New York Times report (link). These kinds of transactions would not happen unless Vladimir Putin signed off on them, as Putin has control over every Kremlin oligarch. It gets even worse.

It’s long been documented that during the transition period, Kushner secretly met with the Russian Ambassador and then met with the head of a Russian bank. It’s been suspected that Kushner was attempting to secure a loan to keep his failing Manhattan office building afloat in exchange for political favors, but there has never been any publicly available proof of this. However, Kushner’s string of prior Kremlin cash grabs place his transition meeting in an entirely different light.

Jared Kushner failed to disclose his Russia meetings on his White House security clearance forms, a felony. He also lied to investigators about the earlier investments from the Kremlin, which could be viewed as obstruction of justice. This new information may help to explain the revelation earlier this week that Kushner has begun cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the obstruction of justice investigation into Donald Trump.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report