Insider: Donald Trump’s scandals go “far beyond” what you can imagine, and Robert Mueller will expose it all

With three key members of the Donald Trump campaign having been arrested and one of them having already pleaded guilty, and devastating new leaks about the Trump-Russia scandal now surfacing by the hour, many Americans are now left wondering just how ugly the scandal will get by the time it all finishes playing out. Trump’s crime spree and treasonous rigging of the election are already far uglier than any political scandal in our nation’s history. According to one insider in a position to know, it’s uglier than anyone can imagine.

Years ago, Tony Schwartz ghostwrite Donald Trump’s book Art of the Deal. He’s since come to conclude that Trump is a criminal sociopath, and has become one of Trump’s most vocal critics. Here’s how Schwartz now characterizes the investigation: “Mueller’s findings will be devastating to the Trump presidency and far beyond what most people currently imagine. Trump has a terrible past.” Based on the most recent stunning revelations, it’s not difficult to see where he’s coming from.

On Sunday night the New York Times and the Paradise Papers revealed that Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and his Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross both have deep financial ties to Vladimir Putin and Russia, which they had previously tried to disguise. Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is also reportedly on the verge of arrest. This is all in addition to Trump’s own long history of shady financial deals, which Schwartz may be referring to.

By arresting the uncooperative Paul Manafort and Rick Gates this past week, and revealing that George Papadopoulos has cut a deal, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has managed to set off a rapid chain of events. Trump’s remaining advisers are now panicking and tripping over each other, out of fear that they might be the next to face the handcuffs. The ugly truth is rapidly coming out as we speak.

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