Donald Trump Jr sounds like a goner

– Just checked in on Donald Trump Junior to see how badly he’s unraveled… and he’s tweeting about Bill Clinton wearing a dress. Junior isn’t going to make it, is he? He sounds like a goner.

– Imagine being on Donald Trump’s election legal team at this point. Now imagine being the one guy on Donald Trump’s election legal team who doesn’t realize the whole thing is a sham and thinks he’s actually supposed to try to win those cases. Because there’s always that one guy.

– Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown tells off mask-less Republican Senator Dan Sullivan, in a preview of what we can likely expect from Senate Democrats in 2021:

– Jaime Harrison just tweeted “I hope the Biden DOJ investigates” Lindsey Graham’s attempt at coercing the Georgia Secretary of State into rigging the state for Trump. Come to think of it, they should also investigate whether Graham put in any calls to the South Carolina Secretary of State. Graham was not on track to win reelection by ten points. That was somewhat suspicious even before we found out that Graham was calling around trying to rig states.

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