Donald Trump’s election legal team just hit rock bottom

Half the problem with Donald Trump’s election legal team is who’s not on it: competent law firms keep bailing on him, because they don’t want the blowback from participating in a sham. Other half the problem is who is on Trump’s team: Rudy Giuliani and a cast of laughable schmucks.

It’s created a chaotic situation where Trump’s legal team is withdrawing from many of its own cases, while publicly insisting that it isn’t withdrawing. One case that’s still intact, in Pennsylvania, is going forward tomorrow despite the fact that all of Trump’s lawyers in the case have quit except one. Reuters says that Trump’s one remaining lawyer in the case is “also a radio host.”

Again, these people are representing the sitting President of the United States. These are the kinds of lawyers you’d hire after seeing them in a local TV commercial. Come to think of it, Trump literally hired some of these lawyers after seeing them provide punditry on Fox News. And of course the head of Trump’s team is Rudy Giuliani, unwitting star of the new Borat movie.

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