A supposed White House staffer leaked the story of Donald Trump and Neil Gorsuch, and then vanished

During the course of 2017 we’ve seen a number of anonymous individuals surface on Twitter, some of them far less credible than others, who claimed to be rogue White House staffers. The “leaks” posted by these various accounts have ranged from the seemingly credible to the patently absurd. Now it turns out one of those accounts had the real story of Donald Trump and Neil Gorsuch correct all along – and then vanished.

Of the various anonymous individuals claiming to be White House leakers on Twitter, an account labeled “AngryWHStaffer” came across as perhaps the most legitimate. Based on a track record of posting inside bits that later turned out to be independently verified by the media, the account in question was either the real thing or a clever guesser. In any case, on February 8th, the account tweeted “Unless he apologized for his comments I’d be surprised if the President doesn’t withdraw the Gorsuch nomination. Trump is insanely angry.” Then on February 10th, that same account tweeted “President was talked into sticking with Gorsuch by Bannon and Priebus. President believes Gorsuch didn’t ‘mean it.'”

This week, the mainstream media has confirmed that this is indeed what happened. Why is this confirmation just now surfacing about a ten month old story, at a time when Gorsuch isn’t even in the news? That’s unclear. But it does help to further suggest that the “AngryWHStaffer” account may indeed have been a legitimate White House staffer leaking insider details. That’s what makes the subsequent vanishing act so intriguing.

On May 17th, the “AngryWHStaffer” account went dormant on Twitter. Whether by coincidence or not, this was the same day in which Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel. Perhaps the staffer concluded that the investigation was in good hands and decided that no further leaking was necessary. Oddly, on August 5th, the account briefly came back to life to warn that “Trump absolutely wants to fire Mueller” but then went dormant again. So was this account legitimate, or just a great guesser? If it’s the former, did the staffer get fired or just go quiet? We may or may not ever know for sure.

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