Robert Mueller knew this day would come

The Republican Congress has spent the past week trying to sabotage the reputation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, so it can simply shrug at his eventual findings that Donald Trump is guilty of a wide array of serious crimes. The media has turned this into an opportunistic ratings ploy by repeating every few minutes that Trump is about to fire Mueller any second. So what if the theater and empty hype becomes a self fulfilling prophecy? Mueller knew this day would come eventually.

Robert Mueller was appointed to lead this investigation because Trump illegally fired James Comey, the last guy who was in charge of this investigation. That move served to backfire on Trump spectacularly, as Mueller has proven to be much more powerful. But Mueller had to have known from day one that there would come a time when Trump would at least consider trying to get Mueller fired. So it all comes down to this: do you trust Mueller to have smartly planned ahead? Let’s take a look at what we know in this regard.

Mueller has consistently found a way to secretly be several steps ahead of Trump at any given time. He arrested Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos all the way back in July, and no one even found out until Mueller strategically announced it in October. He got ahold of the Trump transition team emails in August, and no one found out until December. He managed to pressure Michael Flynn into cutting a plea deal. He worked with state governments to bring parallel charges that would prevent Trump from being able to fully pardon anyone.

Of all the things that Robert Mueller has had to fear when it comes to moving against Donald Trump, the single biggest one from the start has been the possibility that Trump might try to force him out of a job. So do you think Mueller has overlooked this scenario entirely and he’s now a sitting duck helplessly waiting to get fired, or do you think that he planned ahead from day one to protect his job status? The maddening part is that we still don’t fully know what Mueller’s plan is for keeping his job – but that just means that Trump doesn’t know, either.

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