Donald Trump was “furious” when he saw 25th Amendment trending on Twitter

Donald Trump’s string of increasingly unhinged tweets over the past five days are a sign that he’s either suffering a total mental breakdown, or he’s desperate to distract from his Russia scandal, or some combination of both. Trump’s tweets have been so demented that the 25th Amendment began trending on Twitter over the weekend because so many Americans were calling for it to be invoked. Now comes news that the incident drove Trump even further off the deep end.

Political insider Jon Cooper has shared the following tidbit: “WH source: Trump was FURIOUS to learn calls to remove him from office by invoking #25thAmendment are trending on Twitter. Hit a raw nerve.” (link). This suggests that Donald Trump is now struggling with coming face to face with the fact that he’s A) profoundly unpopular and despised by mainstream Americans, and B) increasingly viewed as mentally unstable.

This comes even as a bill to give Congress the power to invoke the 25th Amendment, without needing the approval of the Vice President or cabinet, is gaining cosponsors and momentum by the day (link). Meanwhile the Trump-Russia collusion scandal is coming into sharper focus, with recently deceased Republican operative Peter W. Smith now believed to have been a key part of that election collusion effort, and more news spilling out about Smith’s role by the day.

There have been numerous reports over the past months that the gradually escalating Russia scandal has been driving Donald Trump to the edge; for instance back in May it was reported that Trump screams at White House televisions whenever cable news covers the Russia scandal (link). And based on the latest revelation, we now know that the public can drive Trump into an even more unhinged (and thus more easily impeachable) mindset by continuing to call out his unfitness while loudly calling for his ouster. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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