Donald Trump’s presidency wasn’t built to last, and he’s falling to pieces

This guy isn’t gonna make it. Donald Trump now has virtually no chance of finishing his term, or even of sticking around for a meaningful remaining portion of it. It’s not merely that he entered office with the lowest approval rating of any president ever, and that he’s continued to fall further. It’s not just that he’s knee deep in the most shocking criminal scandal in American political history. It’s that he’s falling to pieces in real time.

The stress of the presidency eats even the most steady of people alive. We’ve all watched presidents age prematurely while on the job, finishing their term looking like they’ve just lost a bar fight – and those were the successful presidents. That’s to say nothing of the physical and mental toll the job has taken on those whose tenures have gone poorly. And again, these were politically battle-tested people who had the best chance of surviving the Oval Office grinder. Donald Trump, on the other hand, might the least suitable person on earth to stand up to the pressure that comes with the job. It’s why he’s rapidly losing what’s left of his flawed mind, in a way that’ll ensure he won’t be in the job all that much longer.

Trump’s increasingly psychologically unhinged tweets, his recent vacant moments, his confused blank stares that have come to define his increasingly limited public appearances, all point to a guy who has already been shredded by just five months of hardly even trying to do the job. There’s no way this guy makes it through the full boat, or even close to it. If the Democrats win the midterms they’ll oust him immediately. In fact at this rate there’s a significantly greater than zero chance the the Republicans will panic and oust him before the midterms to try to avoid getting wiped out. Trump is finished; it’s just a matter of when and how.

Let’s be clear. I’ve said from the start that the ouster of a president – even a corrupt and unpopular and failed one – is a long, long process. We’re moving quickly, but it’s a marathon to the finish line. No trap door will magically open up tomorrow underneath him. No neon sign will begin flashing over his head that causes him to be rushed away handcuffs. Nothing works that way under our Constitution; it’s a complex process. But this guy Trump isn’t built to last. He won’t last. And if you keep pushing him toward his inevitable total breakdown, his exit in disgrace will come that much sooner. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report.

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