Michael Flynn Jr and Michael Flynn’s brother both go berserk

Something very strange is going on within Michael Flynn’s family this week, and it raises questions about what’s going on behind the scenes with regard to Flynn and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Flynn cut a plea deal with Mueller three weeks ago, and by now has surely turned over enough evidence to take down Donald Trump and/or another big fish. But what happened over the holidays that caused Flynn’s son and Flynn’s brother to suddenly go berserk on Twitter?

By all accounts, Michael Flynn cut a plea deal in order to protect his son, who was also exposed to criminal culpability in the Trump-Russia scandal. Based on his Twitter posts in the weeks since, Michael Flynn Jr is far from happy about that arrangement. But during the course of December 25th and 26th, Junior has gone completely off the deep end. He suddenly decided that Donald Trump’s nonstop golfing is somehow a good thing for conducting the nation’s business.

In the process, Michael Flynn Jr lashed out at Business Insider for being “idiots” and he slammed Raw Story for being a “POS left wing rag.” He also posted a barely describable video of CNN throwing a Christmas tree while Trump watched. Somewhere in there he also attacked the U.S. Navy based on a ridiculous conspiracy theory. But the simultaneous meltdown by Flynn’s brother may have been more telling.

Joseph Flynn took to Twitter on December 26th to lash out at Donald Trump, posting this rather hostile tweet: “About time you pardoned General Flynn who has taken the biggest fall for all of you given the illegitimacy of this confessed crime in the wake of all this corruption.” (link). He then deleted the tweet, but he acknowledges he posted it. So what’s going on here? Michael Flynn’s son and brother surely discussed aspects of his plea deal during Christmas. Perhaps Flynn told them he’s fully given Trump up, and neither is taking the news well. But something is certainly odd here.

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