Donald Trump’s own top advisers think the 25th Amendment is about to be used against him

When the Republicans in Congress hastily rushed to pass a half-finished tax bill to pay off their wealthy donors before going on holiday recess, it raised the question of why they didn’t think they’d be able to pass a more polished version of the bill if they waited until January. Couple that with the GOP’s sudden decision to begin blocking Trump’s nominees, and it raises the question of whether the party’s recent fawning over Trump is just an act, and whether the party may be planning to strategically oust Trump before the midterm races heat up. At least two of Trump’s own top advisers think that’s precisely what’s about to happen.

At any given time, Trump’s closest advisers are not necessarily the people holding the top titles. They’re whichever people he’s calling on the phone and discussing strategy with the most often. Although Roger Stone has never had any White House job, he and Trump are known to speak by phone regularly. Stone is now insisting, more loudly than ever, that his sources tell him Mike Pence and the cabinet are about to invoke the 25th Amendment against Trump (link). Stone isn’t the only Trump adviser saying this.

Although Trump pushed Steve Bannon out of the White House months ago, the two were known to continue discussing strategy. During the final campaign rally for Roy Moore in Alabama, Bannon stated for the cameras that he believed the Republican Party was going to oust Trump after the tax scam bill was finished. Trump signed that bill earlier this week, and he clearly hasn’t been ousted yet. But things may not be what they seem.

The Republicans in Congress know they’ll get annihilated in the midterms if Donald Trump is still around. Are they really planning to oust him? The GOP approached the tax scam as if it were the last piece of legislation it’ll get a chance to pass, even though it’ll still have the majority for another year. The only disruption large enough to derail the majority party’s legislative agenda is the implosion of that party’s president. What does the GOP know that we don’t? What do Stone and Bannon know that we don’t? Stay tuned.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report