Donald Trump fires entire White House panel over the holidays just to be a jerk

Donald Trump cemented his role as Scrooge this week when he took advantage of the holiday distraction and summarily fired an entire White House panel. He’s given no reason whatsoever, but there are two strong possibilities for why he might have done it. Both explanations are nothing short of pure evil, one of them policy related, the other perhaps a personal tantrum in response to a recent media report that embarrassed Trump.

Trump has fired all sixteen remaining members of the White House panel on HIV and AIDS, according to a new Daily Beast Report (link). Just to heighten the villainy, he fired them by mail over the holidays in order to avoid having to deal with them personally. So why would Trump make such an oddly specific and plainly harmful move?

The first explanation would be that he doesn’t want the panel standing in the way of his efforts to cut funding for HIV/AIDS patients, as he continues to try to screw the middle class and redirect all the money to his wealthy puppet masters. The second would be that, just days after the media embarrassed Trump by reporting that he said Haitians “all have AIDS,” he’s now retaliating in the most evil way he can think of, by trying to harm AIDS patients. If you think either of these two explanations might be too extreme, you haven’t been paying attention to Trump over the past year.

In any case, this is just the latest instance of Donald Trump firing people from the executive branch for illegitimate reasons. Thus far he’s fired FBI Director James Comey, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, and U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, among others, in an attempt at preventing his Russia scandal from being properly investigated. He’s now trying to force FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe out of a job for the same reason.