Donald Trump’s January escape hatch

Anyone who has paid close attention to Donald Trump in recent months has observed his rapid decline. In terms of mental competence, he’s slipped rather deeply into senility. Physically speaking, he often comes off as little more than a walking corpse. He’s not the man he was six months ago or even three months ago. Now he’s on the verge of participating in something that could well be an attempt on the part of his own people to provide him with an escape hatch from the presidency before his decline becomes any more embarrassing.

A few weeks ago, after Trump began severely slurring his words during a speech, his Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders promptly announced that he would be taking a physical in mid January. This was strange on two counts. First, it was part of a prepared statement, and not in response to a question. Why make his health a bigger story by acknowledging that he’s going to see a doctor? Second, even if this was a ham fisted attempt at quelling any potential questions about his health, why put it off for a month? Why not just have him quickly take a physical and get it over with?

Now multiple media outlets are reporting that Trump will indeed have a physical done by a military doctor in mid January. If Trump and his people were looking to put out a fake medical report falsely declaring him to be in good health, they’d likely be bypassing the military. So this suggests Trump and his people are willing to let his true medical condition be known to the public. Trump surely thinks he’s in perfect health, but his advisers and family have to know he’s on his last legs physically and mentally. So why would they allow this information to become public?

Although it sounds jarring, the most logical explanation is that Donald Trump’s handlers and family want him out of office before his condition gets any worse. If they allow a medical report from the military to be published which reveals he’s senile and near death, he’ll be finished. Even his allies wouldn’t be able to keep propping him up. He and his remaining base would yell “fake news” but it wouldn’t matter. He’d be ousted from Office for medical reasons before he can drop dead in office, or before his deepening Russian treason scandal can finish him off. It seems those closest to Trump are giving him a January escape hatch and he’s about to unknowingly step right into it.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report