– What’s the fallout going to be from Trump’s tax returns? It’s not about how Trump’s idiot base responds to his financial fraud or the revelation that he’s secretly broke. It’s never been about his base. It’s about voters in the middle who don’t like Trump and are trying to decide whether to make the effort to go vote him out. Focus on them.

– Trump is still ranting today about Joe Biden take a drug test. Trump is projecting worse than ever. Just how much Adderall is he planning to snort before the debate?

– During the primary race, Elizabeth Warren pointed out that Trump was going to prison if he lost the election, and a lot of pundits gave her grief for it. Those pundits should apologize. They knew Warren was correct. They just didn’t want her getting out ahead of the narrative. The media has always wanted to save the “Trump is going to prison” narrative for closer to election day.


– How can Donald Trump steal and embezzle so much money, and still be flat broke? When you’re as deeply in debt as he is, everything you bring in goes right back out to make minimum loan payments and stave off bankruptcy for another day. Trump’s massive debts are a bottomless pit, and no matter how much money he throws into them, he still remains flat broke.

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