Donald Trump’s Brad Parscale scandal just got even uglier

Last night Donald Trump’s recently demoted 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale was hospitalized after he reportedly barricaded himself inside his home with a weapons cache and threatened to commit suicide. Now it turns out the whole story has gotten even uglier.

NBC News is now reporting that Brad Parscale’s wife had bruises on her, and told police that he beat her. So this is now a domestic violence case in addition to a mental breakdown, and that Parscale is likely to face battery charges once his current psych hold is released. Parscale was already under scrutiny for having blown through huge amounts of Trump 2020 campaign money in reckless and potentially corrupt fashion, and he may have been looking at prison on federal charges if Trump loses. But Trump can’t pardon Parscale on any local domestic violence charges, and he could have no choice but to cut a plea deal against Trump.

This also comes within the context of today’s bombshell coming from the British press, revealing that Trump 2016 campaign data analysis arm Cambridge Analytica used the stolen data of 200 million Americans in order use online tactics to manipulate targeted voters. Brad Parscale was the head of Trump’s 2016 data analysis operation, and worked alongside Cambridge Analytica.

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