We have the tweets Donald Trump’s Russia conspirator Roger Stone deleted after melting down

Donald Trump and Roger Stone have been friends for nearly forty years, so it’s not surprising they have a few things in common. For instance they both (allegedly) colluded with the Russian government to rig the the 2016 presidential election in Trump’s favor. They’re both being investigated by the FBI. They’re both gleefully sexist pigs. And they both staged total meltdowns on Twitter today as they felt the heat of the Trump-Russia scandal closing in on them.

Trump’s meltdown was straightforward: he falsely and insanely accused President Obama of having wiretapped Trump Tower. But Roger Stone’s meltdown was more difficult to pin down. He began by attacking Obama. But then it quickly dissolved into a series of vulgar sexist attacks on various female political pundits seemingly chosen at random. Stone then deleted some of the worst tweets after someone mentioned legal action. But we took screen captures of them before he deleted them.

There was this beauty in which Roger Stone called respected political pundit Caroline Orr a series of horribly inappropriate things:

Then Stone took aim at CNN commentator Ana Navarro, incompetently trying and failing to include her Twitter username, calling her awful names, making unsubstantiated accusations about her, and then inexplicably including a link to a Time Magazine article that doesn’t exist:

Roger Stone automatically yells “Fake News!” at any legitimate news outlet that reports anything negative about him, and he’s hurled that false claim at us a few times. He’s also blocked us on Twitter, but he doesn’t appear to realize we can see his tweets anyway (Hi, Roger). We’re not sure whether Stone or Donald Trump had the most embarrassing meltdown today. But it’s clear that the imploding Trump-Russia scandal is causing them both to go feral, suggesting they both know they no longer have much chance of surviving it.

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