Donald Trump Jr and Ivanka Trump tied to Russian mafia and money laundering

It’s always been nearly a given that if investigators dug deeply enough into Donald Trump’s financial history, they’d unearth connections to everything from money laundering rings to the Russian mafia. The dots have always been there, and the media has already connected some of them in recent years. But what’s now emerging is that two of Trump’s children have long had business ties to those nefarious entities as well.

That’s according to a report from Bloomberg, which ties together some previously known pieces of the puzzle along with some new revelations that are still surfacing as we speak (link). What’s already long been known is that Donald Trump had a financial relationship with Felix Sater, who has been convicted for his financial ties to the Russian mafia. But there’s now a twist in the story: Sater’s company had a close and prolonged business relationship with Donald Trump Jr and Ivanka Trump as well.

For nearly a decade, Trump and his two children worked with Sater’s company on one real estate deal after another, including the Trump Soho hotel in New York City. In addition to Sater having been convicted for his financial ties to the Russian mafia, his company has been accused (but not proven) to have been a front for Russian money laundering.

This means that when Special Counsel Robert Mueller begins formally investigating Donald Trump’s ties to Felix Sater and his company (if he hasn’t begun digging into it already), it’ll place Donald Trump Jr and Ivanka Trump right at the center of the investigation. What did Ivanka and Don Junior know about Sater’s ties to the Russian mafia and money laundering, and when did they know it? Did they continue to do business with him after finding out? Even worse for them, Sater was an FBI informant, meaning the Feds may already have those answers.

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