Kellyanne Conway is under investigation for Russia ties

If anyone in the Donald Trump administration isn’t under investigation, can they raise their hand? At this point Trump himself, along with at least two of his children, plus advisers Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, and too many others to list, are all under one form of investigation or another โ€“ most of them for their ties to Russia. Now it turns out White House Senior Adviser Kellyanne Conway is also being investigated for Russia ties.

Scott Dworkin of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump made the following announcement today: “Breaking: Kellyanne Conway now under investigation for her Russian biz ties” (link). For reference he pointed to an existing report that Conway’s husband George Conway represented a firm that was accused of taking a Russian bribe (link). Although this is a private investigation and not a government investigation, it comes at the worst possible time for Trump and his White House.

Donald Trump recently admitted publicly that he’s being investigated by the Feds for obstruction of justice, though his attorney later denied that Trump had said these words. The Feds are also investigating several of Trump’s top campaign advisers for their secret communications with the Russian government. Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions is believed to be under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for the same thing, and for subsequently lying about his Russian meetings under oath.


In addition, the State Attorney General of New York recently began investigating Eric Trump’s charity after it was revealed that Donald Trump had been improperly profiting from it. And the Democratic Coalition is also investigating Ivanka Trump’s foreign business dealings. For that matter, several other members of the Trump administration โ€“ including Sessions and Vice President Mike Pence โ€“ have hired attorneys to personally represent them as the Russia scandal continues to explode. So who’s next?

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