Donald Trump drags people to Mar-a-Lago for VA meeting, fails to invite VA Secretary, cancels meeting

If Donald Trump’s goal was to convince the American public that he doesn’t have any idea what he’s doing, that he doesn’t care about veterans, and that he’d rather be living the retired life in Florida than serve as president, then he managed to hit the trifecta on Friday. According to the Palm Beach Post newspaper Trump scheduled a meeting at his Mar-a-Lago hope to discuss veterans health care and dragged people to West Palm Beach for it, but didn’t invite the head of the VA, and then ended up canceling the meeting.

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The stupefying sequence of events began when Donald Trump announced to the media cameras early on Friday that he would be holding a veterans health care meeting at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. He then turned the his Veterans Administration Secretary, David Shulkin, and asked if he would be there. A surprised Shulkin shook his head no, suggesting that no one on Trump’s White House team had even bothered to tell the head of the VA about a meeting to discuss veterans.


Yet the meeting about veterans still stood on the schedule as Donald Trump flew to West Palm Beach on Friday afternoon, without the VA Secretary in tow. Apparently Trump was planning to meet with people such as the CEO of Marvel Entertainment to discuss veterans health care for inexplicable reasons. However, the Palm Beach Post ultimately reported on Friday evening that the meeting about veterans would not be taking place after all. To the best of anyone’s knowledge, Trump is using the trip – as per usual – simply to play golf. Contribute to Palmer Report

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