Exposed: Michael Flynn has been secretly meeting with Russians since his time at the DIA

Donald Trump’s decision to hire Michael Flynn as a campaign adviser and later as his White House National Security Adviser continues to look more suspicious. Despite Trump’s longtime insistence that he wasn’t aware Flynn had any contact with Russia or the Kremlin during the campaign, the Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Flynn’s pattern of covertly meeting with Russians dates back to his final days at the Defense Intelligence Agency before he was fired.

Before Michael Flynn went on to become a paid foreign agent of Russia and Turkey and simultaneously an adviser to Donald Trump, he’d seemingly had a respectable military career. Flynn was the head of the DIA under President Barack Obama. But for reasons still unknown, he unraveled during his time on the job, acting in an abrasive and out of control manner, and had to be fired in 2014. That’s the point at which he went fully rogue and decided to go on the take from multiple foreign nations. But now it turns out that Flynn had at least one meeting with a Russian shortly before he was fired, which he failed to disclose as required at the time.

Flynn met with a young Russian woman named Svetlana Lokhova while at a conference in the United Kingdom in 2014. If this Russian woman came out of nowhere and approached Flynn, then he would have been expected and required to report the encounter when he got home. These are the kinds of tactics often used by foreign spies, and are therefore reported and tracked – particularly when it involves the head of the DIA. But instead there is no record that Flynn reported the meeting, thus suggesting that the meeting involved something on Flynn’s part that he didn’t want the U.S. government knowing about.


This raises several questions. Was this Russian woman (source: Wall Street JournalContribute to Palmer Report

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