Robert Mueller exposes how Russian banks literally bought Donald Trump

Based on his actions, it’s been clear all along that Donald Trump is a financial puppet of the Russian government. It’s why he allowed the Russians to run his campaign at every level, and it’s why his political policies are so blatantly pro-Russia. The tricky part has been figuring out how Russia took financial control of Trump to begin with. Now, just one day after learning that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was seeking Trump’s banking info, we have at least part of the answer.

Trump is infamous for taking out massive bank loans so he can launch real estate projects that he can’t afford to fund out of his own pocket. Then he stalls on repaying the loans for as long as he can, in the hope of negotiating down the debt. This leaves banks in a position where they want to dump their bad loans to him if at all possible. Now Reuters is reporting that at least one Russian state-controlled bank went around buying up Trump’s debt from the banks that were holding the loans, leaving Trump directly in debt to the Kremlin itself, and Mueller is on his way to proving it.

The Reuters story doesn’t appear to have dropped yet, but MSNBC host Ari Melber referenced it on-air on Wednesday evening. While we don’t yet have the full details, including the overall dollar amounts and when Trump first learned that the Russians had purchased him, but those details will follow soon. For now, at the least, we know part of how the Kremlin began taking financial ownership of Trump. It may be just one piece of the puzzle.

Yesterday’s news had Robert Mueller seizing financial records from Deutsche Bank, which has loaned a suspiciously large amount of money to Donald Trump over the years. Deutsche Bank was also caught earlier this year having facilitated the laundering of billions of dollars of Russian money into the hands of clients in the United States. This may have been how Russia funneled money to Trump in order to put him even further in debt to the Kremlin.