Donald Trump gives away just how shellshocked he’s become

Donald Trump gave a speech today which saw him inexplicably slurring his words so badly that he ended it by saying something that sounded a lot like “God blesh the United Shesh.” The public is still debating whether Trump was high on drugs, or was suffering from a problem with his teeth, or had a stroke. But regardless of whatever was going on during this speech, Trump truly revealed how shellshocked he was today through an entirely different form of communication.

More accurately, we should say that Trump gave it away through a form of non-communication. Trump didn’t tweet anything at all on Tuesday. That happens on occasion, but it’s very rare for him, and it’s nearly always when he’s been caught off guard by a sudden elevation in his Russia scandal. Two tweets were posted to his account on Tuesday, but they were the kind of announcements that were clearly posted by his social media team. Then came Wednesday.

Apart from some additional procedural tweets on Wednesday that were clearly posted by staff, the only (supposedly) Trump-authored tweet on Wednesday was a single generic “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” declaration. It was posted at 10:00am eastern time, which is almost never the time of day that Trump tweets things, so even this was probably posted by his staff in an attempt at covering for his lack of tweets. This means Trump has done something that he basically never does: he’s gone two full days in a row without touching Twitter.

For all the buzz about Donald Trump’s staff taking his phone away from him, he’s an authoritarian and they’re a bunch of sycophants and jesters. Trump can tweet any time he wants. For the past two days he’s been too shellshocked to tweet anything at all. He’s not even fighting back anymore. Throw in the fact that he can no longer speak without severely slurring his words, and it’s enough to raise the question of what’s happened to him.

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