Trump’s pal Sheriff David A. Clarke has crazed meltdown as Trump-Russia scandal closes in on him

David A. Clarke is equally known as the murderous former Sheriff of Milwaukee who placed prisoners in conditions he knew would kill them, and the fake medal-wearing buffoon who ranted and raved on behalf of Donald Trump during the election. He also played a poorly understood role in the Trump-Russia scandal.. Now that his role may be on the verge of being exposed, he’s having a crazed meltdown on Twitter.

Clarke traveled to Moscow, and tweeted about it, on the same day that Michael Flynn and Jill Stein had dinner with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Few believe it was a coincidence. Congressional investigators recently demanded that Stein turn over all relevant evidence, which could soon end up exposing what Clarke was really doing in Moscow. In the days since, the media has discovered that the FBI subpoenaed his emails. Clarke appears to know that the walls are closing in on him, as he’s going completely off the deep end.

Last night, Clarke tweeted that when reporters come after him, he likes to “punch them in the nose and make them taste their own blood.” He included an image of himself kicking someone in the nose, making clear that he meant it literally. Several people reported him for violating Twitter’s terms of service. He responded by tweeting “LYING LIB MEDIA and WHINEY LIBS can’t take the heat. They pick a fight with me putting out FAKE NEWS and when I clobber them for doing it they run to mommy looking for help. They are still making Twitter complaints over my tweets. None have been sustained.” But the tweet has since disappeared, suggesting that either he deleted it, or Twitter removed it.

At this point David A. Clarke has been attacking and threatening the media for nearly twenty-four hours straight. He’s in the midst of a total meltdown. He appears to believe that something is imminently going to happen to him. There have been no media reports about the possibility of him being indicted or arrested in the Trump-Russia scandal, but he’s acting like he knows something that we don’t. Stay tuned.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report