Donald Trump’s New Year’s Eve downward spiral

One year ago today, shortly after Donald Trump triumphantly stol the election by treasonously conspiring with the Russians, and just weeks before he was set to take office, he tried sounding presidential. His big tweet on New Year’s Eve went like this: “Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don’t know what to do. Love!” It was a harbinger of the demented year that he was about to have in 2017.

Since that time we’ve seen Trump take office with the lowest initial approval rating in the history of polling, only to see it drop another ten points over the course of the year. We’ve seen him attack the majority of Americans in one way or another, alienate America’s key allies, humiliate us on the world stage, and make literally everything worse from health care to climate change, all while committing one felony after another in the name of trying to fend off his Russia scandal. So how is the treasonous bastard choosing to end the most embarrassing year in American history?

Thus far today, Trump has angrily rambled about how the stock market is only up because of him, and how it would somehow be down by 50% if Hillary Clinton were president. Nevermind, of course, that the stock market rose exponentially more under President Obama, a Democrat, than it has under Trump. He’ll likely tweet even more trash talk later today, in a further attempt at knocking mainstream Americans out of the holiday spirit.

But that’s all fine and dandy. Donald Trump can keep on tweeting whatever toxic garbage he wants. Half the time he ends up incriminating himself anyway. Trump has been in a year-long downward spiral. He’s obviously miserable. He’s clearly in physical and mental decline. His Russia scandal becomes more dire by the day, and he’s now more likely to be in prison by the end of his four year term than to still be in office. America will survive this hellacious chapter in its history; Trump will not. Soon, and for all time, he’ll be nothing more than a grotesque cautionary tale about how not to act and who not to be. He’ll also die in a prison cell. Happy New Year!

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report