By lifting sanctions on Russia’s FSB, Donald Trump just proved he’s a Russian intel asset

Many Americans were cynically expecting Donald Trump to unilaterally lift all U.S. sanctions on Russia once he took office, in order to pay back the rogue nation for having rigged the presidential election in his favor, and to keep Vladimir Putin from releasing the blackmail material he’s been allegedly holding on him. But instead today Trump did something a bit different, in a move which makes him look far more guilty: he’s only lifting sanctions specifically on the Russian government spy outfit which he appears to answer to.

Trump is a Russian spy

Donald Trump made the utterly bizarre move today of having the U.S. Treasury Department lift sanctions specifically on Russian intelligence agency FSB. That’s the agency which is all but confirmed to have hacked the Democratic National Committee for the sake of leaking its private emails in order to take the heat of Republican nominee Trump. It’s the agency who is believed to be holding the mythical “Trump pee pee tape” as blackmail against him. It’s also the agency whose current and former agents have been suddenly dragged off to prison or turned up dead in the past several weeks, as Putin appears to have been wiping out those in his own camp who had informed the U.S. of the Russian election treachery.

And so now that Trump has lifted sanctions on the Russian government’s spy agency, it tells us two things. The first is that Trump is indeed the compromised Russian intel asset we all believed him to have been, willing to do Russia’s bidding at the drop of a hat, even when the move makes no sense for the United States. The second is that Trump is either so thoroughly under Russia’s thumb, or so assured of his own political invincibility, that he couldn’t even be bothered to wait a few months before making this move. In other words, there is an eager Russian spy in the Oval Office.

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