Did Donald Trump just get a U.S. asset in Russia killed to protect his Pee Pee Tape?

Donald Trump’s pee pee tape, which has been the biggest punchline in America for weeks on end, may have just stopped being funny — and in the most sobering of ways. Russian president Vladimir Putin is allegedly holding a blackmail video for the purpose of getting Trump to do his bidding. And if so, it appears Trump may have already acted on it a manner which would be both treasonous and murderous. These are serious accusations, but the evidence now lines up in startling fashion.

Let’s start with what he know with reasonable certainty: In December, authorities in Russia burst into a meeting and placed a bag over the head of one of their own intelligence community leaders, dragging him out of the room — and he hasn’t been seen or heard from since. The reason he was hauled away in such dramatic fashion: Russia found out that he was providing intel to the United States about Russian election hacking. This was reported by Russian media outlets yesterday, and it’s credible enough that USA Today is now backing it.

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Here’s what else we know: the retired Russian intelligence officer suspected of helping former MI6 agent Christopher Steele of assembling the “pee pee tape” report was found dead in the back of a car, also in December, and it’s just now gone public thanks to Telegraph, a British newspaper.

Here’s what we think we know: Sometime after Donald Trump was named the winner of the election, he began receiving more detailed intel briefings which contained far more sensitive information than what he had been receiving while he was a presidential nominee. This article from Reuters seems to suggest that the process began around early December. That would mean that shortly after Trump gained access to the deepest U.S. intel secrets, Putin suddenly figured out which of his own top intel agents were secretly cooperating with the U.S. — and had one arrested, even as the other was mysteriously turning up dead.

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In light of all of the above, here’s the question that must now be asked. The U.S. asset who was dragged away by the Russians is either dead by now, or is being tortured in some black site prison and will be dead before much longer. And the British asset who leaked the existence of Trump’s alleged prostitute blackmail video is now dead, apparently murdered. Vladimir Putin figured out the identity of one and possibly both of these assets shortly after Donald Trump became privy to these kinds of secrets. So the question is this: did Trump give up the identity U.S. asset and the British asset to Putin, and if so, did he do it to prevent Putin from releasing the prostitute blackmail video?

If the answer to that question is “yes” and if it’s provable, then Trump committed treason and murder, and even his Republican allies in Congress would have little choice but to move forward with impeachment. In other words, the Pee Pee Tape isn’t funny anymore. The media must focus on unearthing how Putin learned the identity of these assets, because it could be the key to exposing a presidential scandal worse than Watergate.

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