Donald Trump Jr finds a whole new way to blow it

In the days since the arrests began in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, his son Donald Trump Jr hasn’t exactly been handling the pressure well. He had a meltdown about socialism on Halloween. He’s tweeting even more juvenile insults than those coming from his father. He appears to be randomly accusing Hillary Clinton of murder. Then came yesterday, when Jr found a whole new way to blow it.

National elections were yesterday, including key races for Governor in Virginia and New Jersey. Spoiler alert: the Democrats won them both. That’s no thanks to Donald Trump Jr, who spent the day using his Twitter account to repeatedly encourage people to vote “tomorrow.” That’s right, he spent election day telling everyone to go out and vote the day after election day. It took him hours to finally figure out his mistake. He then deleted his “tomorrow” tweets and replaced them with – you can’t make this up: “Vote tody.” Who or what is tody?

Donald Trump Jr also ended up deleting his “tody” tweet, and at that point he gave up trying altogether. Instead he spent the rest of the day dishonestly attacking Planned Parenthood, before eventually attacking Twitter for giving people more than 140 characters. We’re guessing he can’t count that high, because in the midst of his attack on Twitter, he supportively retweeted a tweet that was longer than 140 characters.

Meanwhile the massive nationwide losses for the Republican Party yesterday will translate to a whole new level of panic within the GOP. Voters are clearly punishing the party for its failure to oust Donald Trump from office. At this point the party has to be at least considering strategic impeachment before the midterms. It’s now approaching the point where Trump will have to decide whether to resign before he’s ousted. Thanks to 280 characters, Trump should be able to fit his resignation letter in a single tweet.

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