Donald Trump may come home in a straitjacket

Donald Trump just suffered his most humiliating day yet. In a last ditch effort to prove that he could still motivate his withering base, he loudly endorsed Republican candidate Ed Gillespie in the Virginia race for Governor, even though Gillespie didn’t want the endorsement. As a result, mainstream Americans decided to get their revenge by sending Gillespie to a nine point loss that destroyed whatever hope Trump might have had of getting his vanishing mojo back. That’s just the start of his trouble.

Trump is currently trapped on an overseas trip to Asia, so he’s fully surrounded by staff members at all times. That means he can’t tweet the kind of unhinged toxic garbage he typically tweets when things are going poorly for him. In his darkest hour, he can’t even blow off steam by incoherently misspelling deranged conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton. Oh, and it’s all about to get much worse for him.

Even as Trump was scheduled to begin giving a speech in South Korea on Tuesday, his administration announced that he was still backstage because he was still writing his speech. This was just moments after the Virginia race had been called for Gillespie’s opponent. It’s enough to raise the question of whether Trump was backstage pouting, refusing to come out and give his speech until he got over his tantrum. If he’s this far gone, just wait until he gets to his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, because that’s not going to be good news either.

Donald Trump’s presidency is over. It’s just a matter of when and how it ends, and who chooses to end it before someone else ends it. Impeachment, 25th Amendment, resignation, take your pick; one of the three is coming. Putin might well tell him that it’s over and it’s time for him to resign. Oh, and more of Trump’s associates may well have been arrested by the time he gets back home. At this rate Trump may end up coming home in a straitjacket.

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