Donald Trump’s bizarre endgame

With barely forty-eight hours left in his failed presidency, what is Donald Trump even doing? Surely he doesn’t know, because his endgame moves are looking more and more incoherent, pointless, and frankly just plain weird.

At one point this weekend Trump leaked that he was considering hiring Rudy Giuliani as his impeachment trial lawyer. Then at a later point this weekend, Trump had his lone remaining spokesman announce that he hadn’t yet decided on an impeachment trial lawyer. This comes after reports last week that Trump had cut off Giuliani entirely. At this point Trump appears to simply be indecisive and confused.

Trump is still installing his most inept loyal stooges in positions where they’ll surely be fired the minute President Biden takes office. What’s the strategy here? There doesn’t appear to be one. Perhaps it’s Trump’s way of trying to get them a pension or something. But there is, clearly, no master plan here.

Trump is also whining, through his spokesman, that the only reason he hasn’t done more to condemn political violence is that he’s lost his social media accounts. In reality, the one message that Trump would be able to get out on social media (and the mainstream media) would be if he did properly condemn violence. It’s all odd, and small.


Donald Trump will pardon a boatload of terrible people, many of them also named Trump, and he’ll perhaps make some last ditch grab for narcissistic attention on his way out the door. This is all shaping up to quite a stupid ending for him, even by his standards. If anything is left up his sleeve, it’s a pair of twos. Stay vigilant. Trump has lost. It’s just a matter of how he wants to finish losing.

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