Donald Trump posts bizarre tweet, then immediately deletes it

We have apparently not just begun after all. With everything going wrong for him that can possibly go wrong, Donald Trump decided to take one last shot at patting himself on the back on Monday night. He tweeted “We have just begun!” and then immediately changed his mind, deleting it in under a minute and replacing it with something far more nondescript. What is going on here?

Donald Trump quoted a tweet from Ivanka Trump which included a link to a New York Post article bragging about how much Trump has helped the stock market. He included the words “We have just begun!” along with his quote of Ivanka’s tweet. But then he immediately regretted it, deleting the entire thing in favor of simply retweeting Ivanka’s tweet without any comment of his own. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, the short of it is that he changed his mind about announcing that the stock market had just begun. There may be a reason for that.

This past week the September jobs report came out and it was devastatingly bad. The U.S. economy lost 33,000 jobs in a month, after having had seven straight years of gaining jobs every month. Trump apologists are blaming the hurricanes, but the cold hard reality is that the roaring Obama economy has run out of gas. Trump has done nothing to stimulate it because he wouldn’t have any clue how to do that kind of thing, even if he tried. The stock market always comes crashing down after the bottom falls out of the jobs market.

Donald Trump wouldn’t understand this either, of course – but his own economists have surely warned him that the stock market will head downward soon. Perhaps when Trump decided to delete the “”We have just begun” reference to the stock market, it was because he had a brief moment of clarity. Or maybe he tripped over his own narcissism while he was tweeting and fell down and hit the “delete” button on his phone by accident.