Donald Trump’s attorney’s wife arrested

Over the past month, Palmer Report has quipped more than once that Donald Trump’s attorneys seem to be a in a contest to see who can embarrass their client the most thoroughly. Stories like this latest one serve as a reminder that we’re not exaggerating when we talk about just how embarrassing Trump’s legal team is. This time around, Trump’s attorney’s wife has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a prison inmate in a car, of all things.

Bobby Burchfield is an ethics lawyer for the Trump Organization, and according to the New York Daily News, his wife Teresa Burchfield has been arrested for allegedly cheating on him repeatedly with a prison inmate who was on work release at the time (link). We’re not highlighting this to try to humiliate anyone involved with the arrest, but rather to demonstrate the larger pattern of Trump hiring attorneys who have – shall we say – problems.

Earlier this week one of Donald Trump’s Russia attorneys, a guy named Ty Cobb, suffered his second bizarre meltdown of the week when he sent a profane and incoherent email reply to a stranger in the middle of the night (link). This was just days after he had accused a major political reporter of being on drugs. Cobb was brought in to replace another Trump attorney, Marc Kasowitz, who was booted from the team after he had sent a threatening email to a stranger in the middle of the night.

Then there’s Donald Trump’s longtime personal and business attorney Michael Cohen, who has had to hire an attorney of his own in the Russia scandal. Another of Trump’s Russia attorneys, Jay Sekulow, appeared on cable news this summer and began arguing with himself in such strange fashion that host Chris Wallace was reduced to blurting out “Oh boy, this is weird.”

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