Donald Trump Jr proves he’s even dumber than we all thought

Eric Trump was long popularly portrayed as the “dumb” Trump son, until it was revealed just how dumbly his brother Donald Trump Jr handled the scandal surrounding his Russian election collusion meeting. Today, Junior testified about the meeting and scandal before Congress, and by the time it was over, he had proven that he was somehow even dumber than any of us imagined.

Back when the media first exposed that Donald Trump Jr had indeed met with a Russian attorney, he tried floating an excuse so dumb that it was immediately met with out-loud laughter: he claimed the meeting was about adoption. By trying to explain it away in such absurd fashion, he unwittingly spelled out that there was something deeply suspicious about the meeting. Even more dumbly, he didn’t seem to understand that more details of the meeting would inevitably surface in the media, and that lying would only make him look worse in the end. But then came today’s testimony.

Donald Trump Jr admitted to Congress today that he took the meeting with the Russian government representatives because he wanted to see the supposed dirt they were offering him on Hillary Clinton. He tried explaining it away by claiming he merely wanted to know if it was anything that disqualified Clinton. But all he ended up doing was confessing to election collusion with the Kremlin. He won’t get off the hook legally by pretending that he committed the crime for earnest reasons. Worse, he all but incriminated his father today.

It was exposed awhile back that Donald Trump personally crafted Donald Trump Jr’s initial set of lies about the Russia meeting. For one thing, how dumb is Junior if he had to rely on his father just to come up with such a dumb initial reaction? Without daddy’s help, would Junior have just gone out there and confessed to everything while slipping on a banana peel? But the real upshot is Junior admitted today that his father obstructed justice by instructing him to lie in the first place. That makes him even dumber than we all thought. No wonder he blocked Palmer Report on Twitter. If you find Palmer Report valuable, make a donation.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report