Robert Mueller needs your help

With so many indictments surrounding President Donald J. Trump, many people are left scratching their heads wondering why Special Counsel Robert Mueller would waste his time and our money to interrupt the travel plans of a few bottom feeding Russians? To understand the answer, you have to go back to the Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton investigations to see how a Special Counsel like Robert Mueller can now be fired as fast as Trump can Tweet the words, “You’re Fired!”

As a result, Mueller knows that any indictment against Trump and or Putin would be a long legal battle that he would have to fight on his own time after Trump tweets his dismissal. The next best thing for Mueller to do is to put Putin and Trump’s co-conspirators on trial for the world to see and judge right before mid terms and the general election.

Meanwhile, many people keep adding the weight of the world onto Robert Mueller’s shoulders, thinking he’s going to handle everything all on his own. They need to remember that Mueller needs you to shift the balance of power so he can safely indict Trump without getting fired. The only way to do that is to start recalling all representatives now who refuse to impeach Trump or vote them out in the midterms.

Until then, Mueller is letting Trump know that it’s going to be a long hot summer full of news about Russians and their elaborate schemes to bring down Hillary Clinton and install Donald J. Trump as “President” of the United States. Trump’s probably having “Fake News” hats made in China as we speak to try and hide behind the bright lights of scrutiny. As it is, our votes count more than ever. Based on all of the gerrymandering and “technical glitches” combined with reports that Putin has attempted to interfere in State and Federal elections (link), we need all hands on deck to help Robert Mueller clean up this mess.

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