Yes, Donald Trump will resign

“Donald Trump is too ___ to resign.” Fill in the blank with whatever word you like, but I hear some variation of this sentence from the pessimists within the Resistance at least once a day. Now that Michael Flynn is about to bring down the whole thing, and Trump and his allies are suddenly dropping big hints that he might indeed resign, we’re once again hearing the “He’s too ___ to resign” rhetoric. But Trump’s own history reveals that, yes, of course he’ll resign.

Forget about how much Donald Trump clearly hates being President of the United States. Forget about how he spent early 2017 whining to his advisers about how he wishes he could resign, and that he knew it was too early to do so. You can even forget about the fact that, since Michael Flynn sold Trump out this week, Trump has told Ivanka and Jared to resign and move back home to New York, and he’s sent his ex-wife Ivana to the media with the message that he’s “exhausted.” Set all of that aside if you like, because I can tell you precisely why Trump will quit: he always has.

Take a look at Donald Trump’s history in the business and finance world. Every single time one of his businesses has taken a bad turn and he’s concluded that it can’t be turned around, he’s quit. He’s done it through walking away from deals, declaring bankruptcy, and other methods. But when Trump thinks he’s unlikely to win in any given scenario, he always quits. Always.

Those saying “Donald Trump is too ___ to resign” must be talking about some other guy, because Trump always quits when he thinks he’s likely to lose anyway. Maybe some in the Resistance simply don’t want him to resign, because they don’t want him to get off that easy. But rest assured, resignation will not get Trump off the hook for his numerous crimes. And no, Mike Pence isn’t stupid enough to cripple his own presidency by pardoning Trump on his way out the door.

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