Donald Trump thinks the Pee Pee Tape is about to surface

Maybe during their two recent conversations, Russian President Vladimir Putin told Donald Trump that it was coming if he couldn’t get sanctions lifted. Maybe someone else has tipped Trump off that it’s coming. Or maybe, as Michael Flynn prepares to take down the entire house of cards, Trump has been overcome by his own paranoia. Whatever the reason, Trump sure seems to think that the infamous Pee Pee Tape is about to surface.

How do we know this? Donald Trump is suddenly bringing up the Access Hollywood “grab em by the…” tape just so he can discredit it. Nevermind that more than a year ago, Trump publicly admitted that it was really him on that tape. Now Trump is telling his advisers that he no longer believes it’s really him on that tape, and he’s presumably told them to leak that assertion to the media, which is how we all ended up reading about it in the New York Times this week. But why is he suddenly pushing this?

The most logical reason for suddenly disputing the most infamous tape of you to ever surface, even long after a lot of people have forgotten about it? You think another highly damaging tape of you is about to surface, and you’re trying to preemptively lay the groundwork for disputing its authenticity. While there are various rumored tapes out there of Trump saying and doing inappropriate things, there’s only one that’s consistently gotten under his skin: the Pee Pee Tape.

That logic may be too sophisticated for Donald Trump and his increasingly addled mind to work out on his own. Keep in mind that he does have advisers surrounding him who, while completely inept at governing, do seem to be skilled at helping him come up with distractions and schemes aimed at minimizing the impact of his scandals. Trump thinks the Pee Pee Tape is about to surface, and he’s suddenly telling his base that the Access Hollywood tape was fake, so they’ll have an excuse to pretend that this next tape is also fake. Unfortunately for Trump, his base alone isn’t large enough to prop him up, and no one else believes him anymore.

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