Yeah it’s okay to celebrate this

America got its best news in quite awhile yesterday, when a traitor got dragged off to jail after he helped the “President” of the United States conspire with a foreign enemy to rig the election in his favor. Paul Manafort woke up in a cell today, and that’s objectively great news, because it increases the odds that he’ll end up deciding to help take Donald Trump down. But to be honest, it also just feels really damn good.

In a democracy, sending someone to jail or prison is something we’re supposed to do solemnly, and only when we’re absolutely certain it’s warranted. It’s why incarcerating someone is such a complex process involving judges, juries, trials, defense attorneys, you name it. But we’ve all sat here since November of 2016, knowing that Donald Trump and Paul Manafort and the gang criminally conspired to illegally seize control of the presidency. Ask any voter data analyst, and they’ll tell you that without Trump’s illegal plotting, someone else would be in the White House right now. This was a coup d’état.

Paul Manafort played a key role in this treasonous coup, and he did it for the worst of reasons. His previous decades of crimes had made him wealthy, then he’d gone broke, and he wanted to get rich again – so he ran a major presidential campaign while answering to a billionaire Kremlin oligarch. Now he’s living in a cage, where he’ll remain for the rest of his life. Manafort deserves to be in jail more than just about anyone else in American history. He’ll die in that cage unless he helps put Trump in a cage.

We all knew something was wrong back when Donald Trump, Paul Manafort and others were plotting this treasonous coup of a campaign. We didn’t know it was this severe. These men conspired to commit the worst crime anyone has ever committed against the United States. You’d better believe it’s okay for us to relish the fact that one of them just had his life destroyed. We’ve earned that right. So celebrate all you like today. Just keep in mind that we can’t stop fighting back until Trump is in a cage with him, the immigrant kids in concentration camps have been freed, and America is back to being a democracy.

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