Donald Trump’s monsters are trying to hurry up and finish the job

Donald Trump’s track record, in business and in politics, reveals that he almost never hires honest and competent people – and when he does, they don’t tend to last long. Instead he has a consistent pattern of hiring buffoons he can manipulate, people with dark secrets he can exploit, and outright monsters who are willing to carry out his dirtiest of work. Even as Trump’s presidency is collapsing and some of his monsters are being picked off, his other monsters are now trying to hurry up and finish the job.

Not everyone who disagrees with you in politics is corrupt or evil. Not every criminal is a monster. But when it comes to the people eagerly carrying out Donald Trump’s policies toward immigrant children, yeah, they’re objectively monsters. They’re also rapidly accelerating their efforts. The BBC and others are now reporting that in the six weeks from mid April to the end of May, Trump’s monsters separated two thousand immigrant children from their parents. Two thousand children. There’s a reason for this.

White supremacists, from Jeff Sessions on down, were eager to join the Donald Trump administration because they knew Trump would give them a blank check to carry out their sick and twisted fantasies. It’s why Sessions hasn’t quit, even as Trump has spent the past year publicly and privately abusing him for various reasons. Sessions’ entire demented life has been leading up to this moment, where he’s getting to round up nonwhite people in America more or less simply for being Hispanic, and he’s getting to teach them a lesson by taking their kids away and locking those kids in cages.

But Jeff Sessions and his evil henchmen seem to be well aware that their opportunity won’t last forever. Donald Trump’s criminal scandals have his administration in freefall. He has close to zero chance of completing his term, or even coming close. So these monsters are trying to hurry up and finish the job. If you’re wondering what triggered them, the FBI raided the home and office of Trump’s longtime fixer Michael on April 9th. Ten days later, the monsters ramped up their efforts to lock as many nonwhite kids in concentration camps as possible.

It’s now clear that Donald Trump’s monsters will continue to try to accelerate their evil strategies. It’s not enough to wait for Trump to be taken down, which could still take awhile. We must find a way to shut down these concentration camps right now. Waiting one more day would be a violation of God’s laws. If you’re not shouting at the top of your lungs about Trump’s Hitler-like persecution of Hispanic people, you’re not trying hard enough. This issue must be forced now.

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