After Michael Flynn incriminates Donald Trump, Fox News blames Trump-Russia scandal on a woman

Michael Flynn cut a plea deal today with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and he promptly implicated Jared Kushner and Donald Trump, asserting that they both told him to conspire with the Russian government during the election. If Flynn has the evidence to back that up, and the lenient nature of his deal suggests he indeed can, then it’s game over for the Trump administration. But here comes Fox News with an alternate-universe storyline in which the entire Trump Russia scandal is the fault of a woman.

Fox News is now “reporting” (we use that word loosely when it comes to Fox News) that Michael Flynn was instructed to call the Russian Ambassador not by Trump or Kushner, but instead by KT McFarland. If you’re trying to place the name, McFarland was Deputy National Security Adviser under Flynn. After Flynn was exposed and forced to resign, McFarland was shipped off to become the U.S. Ambassador to Singapore.

Up to this point there has been absolutely no evidence that McFarland was involved in the Russia scandal on any level, yet suddenly Fox News is blaming the entire thing on her anyway. The story makes even less sense when you consider that Flynn was McFarland’s boss; she took orders from him, and not the other way around.


But that isn’t stopping Fox News from suddenly pinning the Russia scandal on KT McFarland, because hey, why not blame it on a woman. Nevermind that she appeared to have nothing to do with it. Fox (and most of the media) spent the entire election cycle making up fictional claims about Hillary Clinton’s emails, and insecure men everywhere eagerly bought into that lie about a woman, so why not blame the Trump-Russia scandal on a woman as well? It’s not like the media hasn’t sunk to this kind of low before.

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